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Organic Baobab Pulp 
The largest tree of our mother earth, called the Magic Tree by  African people. The ‘Tree of Life’, offers a wonderful existence hidden in the fruit powder itself. It stands out for its vitamin C capacity, doubling that of goji, and its effect on pain, virus and other health problems. The Baobab is considered as a traditional medicinal plant to cure all illnesses.
Our Organic Baobab Pulp is originally from Senegal where villagers harvest the fruit in the interest of fair trade. It is sold in a pot of  "purple glass" or “Myron Glass” designed to protect against oxidation.
The baobab is called Tree of Life, Magic Tree by Africans, who considered their traditional medicinal plant for its many uses and its antiviral and anti-infectious properties. The baobab has fascinated people since ancient times, it lives for over 500 years, reaching 20 meters high and its trunk can measure 12 meters in circumference! Baobab Adansonia Digitata is part of the Bombacacea family. Several parts of the Baobab are used, such as roots, leaves, bark, fruit and seeds. Their Fruits are the most interesting for us with their white pulp, which once dried, naturally,  falls to the ground in its final powder form. This Baobab powder is then directly used without transformation allowing it to retain all of its properties. The seeds of the fruit is extracted firstly and made into a cold pressed oil - exceptionally moisturizing care with great penetrating power.
According to scientific research, Baobab powder, can help rebalance and better main functions of the body, skin tone and texture as well as delivering maximum energy and strength with only 5 grams of pulp per day. 

The effects and activities of Baobab powder:

Antiviral (influenza, herpes)

Anti micro goat - streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli, Candida albicans Anti-inflammatory: studies in our laboratory have shown that the aqueous extract of the fruit contains sterols and tritherpenes responsible for this high power anti-inflammatory, Analgesic Anti infective and Febrifuge Anti-dysentery antidiarrheal. The fruit is able to deliver these effects through astringent tannins and mucilages inhibiting pre biotic activity, thus improving the balance of intestinal microflora, lactose digestion, immuno stimulatory activity (regulator for cholesterol in blood sugar) and the balance of mood Anti anemic

High antioxidant property pest activity relieves menstrual pain


Protects LDL from oxidation

Its composition:

High concentration of Vitamin C - 300mg in 100g - double Goji's power!

Vitamin Bl, B2 essential to the development of the organism to maintain nerve cells, skin and eye epithelia

Vitamin B3 important to balance our metabolisms functions

Calcium 293mg per 100g of pulp

Potassium 231mg per 100g

Phosphorus 96 to 118 mg per 100g

Alpha linoleic acid 27mg per g of dry product

Fiber 45g per 100g of which 22.54% is soluble fiber and 22.04% insoluble, important for digestion and to preserve our colon against disease, fight against excess weight and constipation

Provitamin A

The beauty, in all forms, of the "Tree Of Life"


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