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Paradise SuperFoods Are Nearly Up And Running

So I have mentioned many times about a brand called Paradise Superfoods that I have been working on along with some of my friends in Paris & in America. It is nearly up and running people! Please keep those eyes peeled and those eyes wrenched back. We will soon be hitting the international market suppling the highest quality organic and conventional superfoods at the most competitive price! How? I hear you saying. Well we source directly from family farms all over the world. More that that, we have become part of their family over the years and are able to cut out all middle men, agents, commissions and so-called fair trade in order to give the maximum back to the small family farms and deliver and unbeatable price! We are already selling in bulk to 78% of the european organic superfood market and so we know our stuff. Our client sell to you! This is why we have decided to cut out the middle men and their margins and sell at the correct and valid price! So soon to be enjoyed from your sofa! Watch out for this logo soon people!

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TheJungleRocker's Info SuperFruit Info Flyer For Paradise SuperFoods

"Organic Raw Physalis"

TheJungleRocker's Info SuperFruit Info Flyer For Paradise SuperFoods

"Raw Organic White Mulberries"

TheJungleRocker's Info SuperFruit Info Flyer For Paradise SuperFoods

"Organic Raw Maqui Powder"

TheJungleRocker's Info SuperFruit Info Flyer For Paradise SuperFoods

"Organic Goji Berries"

TheJungleRocker's Info SuperFruit Info Flyer For Paradise SuperFoods

"Organic Cranberries - Organic Apple Juice Infused"

TheJungleRocker's Info SuperFruit Info Flyer For Paradise SuperFoods

"Raw Organic Cacao Nibs"

TheJungleRocker's Info SuperFruit Info Flyer For Paradise SuperFoods

"Raw Organic Apricot Kernels From Turkeys Malatya Region"

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"Inonotus Obliquus" - "Chaga Mushroom" - 'Gift From God" - "Mushroom Of Immortality"

Inonotus Obliquus, more commonly known as Chaga mushroom, is a fungus in the Hymenochaetaceae family. It is parasitic on Birch and other trees. As for its physical features in its natural habitat, the Chaga is irregularly formed and looks like burnt charcoal. The outer layer of the Chaga is a deep black color due to the massive amounts of Melanin. The inner core of the mushroom a beautiful amber color and Is talked of as the fertile fruiting body of Chaga.

The name Chaga comes from the Russian word for ‘Mushroom’ which in turn is derived from the word fungus in Komi-Permyak, the language of the indigenous peoples in the Kama River Basin west of the Ural Mountains.

Rather than soft like a mushroom, Chaga is hard, almost as hard as wood. It is unique, nothing like common mushrooms. In fact, Chaga is the most nutritionally dense of all tree growths. Known by the Siberians as the “Gift from God” and the “Mushroom of Immortality,” this vibrant growth has been used by humans to support health for thousands of years. The Japanese call it “The Diamond of the Forest,” while the Chinese deem it “King of Plants.” For the Chinese that is saying a lot, since they have an immense history with countless plants. Now, you can get the great powerful secret of the Orient through North American Herb & Spice’s wild Chaga supplements. Despite this exceptional status, most people are unaware of it.

To survive in harsh climates, Chaga concentrates natural compounds for its protection, and that is why it is so powerful. To strengthen the tree, as well as heal, it makes potent phytochemicals, including sterols, phenols, and enzymes. Researchers have inoculated sick trees with chaga to strengthen them. People benefit by consuming these forest-source phytochemicals and nutrients.

Since the 16th Century, Chaga mushrooms were recorded as being used in Folk and Botanical medicine in Eastern European countries as a remedy for cancer, gastritis, ulcers, tuberculosis of the bones and many more. Since the 1950s the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), in conjunction with approximately 1,200 prominent scientists, conducted over 3,000 experiments involving 500,000 people to study the effects of adaptogens. An adaptogen is a substance which modifies the human body’s response to stress. The results of these studies were a protected Soviet secret for 40 years. The Soviet government commanded athletes, astronauts and other Soviet elite to take adaptogens on a daily basis to improve physical and mental work capacity. One of these adaptogens was Chaga. In fact, of all these adaptogens, Chaga was found to be the most powerful. It is now believed that up to 80% of all diseases are mainly due to stress.

Chaga is powerful, because it contains the man tree nutrients - the force of actual trees. Because of their special, biologically potent substances, trees live long, far longer than herbs, some as long as 10,000 years or more. Thus, they are the most powerful living beings in the world. Concentrating this power, Chaga contains numerous B vitamins, flavonoids, phenols, minerals, and enzymes. It is also one of the world’s densest sources of pantothenic acid, and this vitamin is needed by the adrenal glands as well as digestive organs. It also contains riboflavin and niacin in significant amounts. In particular, it is highly rich in special phenols which are pigment-like. These phenolic compounds are known as chromogenic complex. Chaga can be up to 30% chromogenic complex by weight. The chromogenic complex is highly protective for all tissues and is only found in Chaga. In the cream base this chromogenic complex is highly protective for the skin. Rubbed on the skin it even helps people develop a tan, because it contains the pigment melanin, the same pigment responsible for dark-colored skin.

Chaga contains wild-source minerals and is particularly high in copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc, and iron. Yet, its most potent ingredient is a special substance known as superoxide dismutase (SOD). This is an enzyme with great potency. Its function is to halt oxidation, especially the toxicity of a free radical known as singlet oxygen. This is the type of oxygen which is responsible for oxidizing and damaging the tissues, which results in aging. It is the same oxygen which rusts a nail. SOD blocks this damage by quenching the singlet oxygen free radical. The SOD content per gram of Chaga is exceedingly high and accounts for many of its historical powers. Tests performed on North American Herb & Spice’s wild Chaga prove that it contains some 10,000 to 20,000 active SOD units per gram. This is an exceedingly high amount, far higher than that found even in typical SOD pills. The typical SOD pill contains from 200 to 2,000 units per serving. So the difference is considerable. Plus, the type in pills is virtually impossible to absorb, while the wild Chaga type is well-utilized by the body.

Chaga is a health food which supports the entire system. The Siberians drink it daily. They claim that this is why they are long-lived. This could back up that fact that natural phytochemicals, the ones found in Chaga, do make a difference. Yet, there is more traditional use that offers evidence. Ancient Chinese, Japanese and Koreans regard it as a longevity factor, which is why they deemed it the most complete of all growths. In much of Siberia, Russia, and Eastern Europe it is an essential beverage. While the U.S. government restricts medical claims, here is what can be said: Chaga has been used as an essential whole food supplement for many years by Russia’s long-lived peasants, as well as long-lived villagers of Japan and Korea. These village people consume it as a daily beverage. They prefer it over common drinks such as tea and coffee. Because of its cleansing properties, in primitive Siberia the Chaga drink was known as “soup water,” although its taste is a pleasant combination of tea and coffee.

Chaga was then validated by Moscow’s Medical Academy of Science, 1955, and was extensively used by the public. It is one of Russia’s state secrets for power and strength and was heavily used by champion Russian athletes, who defeated all others, including the best teams America could offer. So, the Russians, Siberians, Poles, Romanians, Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese all use it.

Here is what the Russians discovered. They determined that certain plants help your body fight the effects of stress and disease. They called these plants adaptogens. They discovered that Chaga is the most potent adaptogen known. This is why it is the basis for the fight against premature aging and for prevention of serious diseases. Now you too can experience the health benefits of wild Chaga, the plant responsible for the exceptional health and long life of the Siberian tribes-people.

Hunt down some Chaga & you wont regret it people!!


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"Organic Baobab Pulp & Powder" - "SuperFoods"

Organic Baobab Pulp 
The largest tree of our mother earth, called the Magic Tree by  African people. The ‘Tree of Life’, offers a wonderful existence hidden in the fruit powder itself. It stands out for its vitamin C capacity, doubling that of goji, and its effect on pain, virus and other health problems. The Baobab is considered as a traditional medicinal plant to cure all illnesses.
Our Organic Baobab Pulp is originally from Senegal where villagers harvest the fruit in the interest of fair trade. It is sold in a pot of  "purple glass" or “Myron Glass” designed to protect against oxidation.
The baobab is called Tree of Life, Magic Tree by Africans, who considered their traditional medicinal plant for its many uses and its antiviral and anti-infectious properties. The baobab has fascinated people since ancient times, it lives for over 500 years, reaching 20 meters high and its trunk can measure 12 meters in circumference! Baobab Adansonia Digitata is part of the Bombacacea family. Several parts of the Baobab are used, such as roots, leaves, bark, fruit and seeds. Their Fruits are the most interesting for us with their white pulp, which once dried, naturally,  falls to the ground in its final powder form. This Baobab powder is then directly used without transformation allowing it to retain all of its properties. The seeds of the fruit is extracted firstly and made into a cold pressed oil - exceptionally moisturizing care with great penetrating power.
According to scientific research, Baobab powder, can help rebalance and better main functions of the body, skin tone and texture as well as delivering maximum energy and strength with only 5 grams of pulp per day. 

The effects and activities of Baobab powder:

Antiviral (influenza, herpes)

Anti micro goat - streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli, Candida albicans Anti-inflammatory: studies in our laboratory have shown that the aqueous extract of the fruit contains sterols and tritherpenes responsible for this high power anti-inflammatory, Analgesic Anti infective and Febrifuge Anti-dysentery antidiarrheal. The fruit is able to deliver these effects through astringent tannins and mucilages inhibiting pre biotic activity, thus improving the balance of intestinal microflora, lactose digestion, immuno stimulatory activity (regulator for cholesterol in blood sugar) and the balance of mood Anti anemic

High antioxidant property pest activity relieves menstrual pain


Protects LDL from oxidation

Its composition:

High concentration of Vitamin C - 300mg in 100g - double Goji's power!

Vitamin Bl, B2 essential to the development of the organism to maintain nerve cells, skin and eye epithelia

Vitamin B3 important to balance our metabolisms functions

Calcium 293mg per 100g of pulp

Potassium 231mg per 100g

Phosphorus 96 to 118 mg per 100g

Alpha linoleic acid 27mg per g of dry product

Fiber 45g per 100g of which 22.54% is soluble fiber and 22.04% insoluble, important for digestion and to preserve our colon against disease, fight against excess weight and constipation

Provitamin A

The beauty, in all forms, of the "Tree Of Life"


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Algue Klamath" - "Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (AFA)" - "Invisible Living Flower Of The Water"

Seaweed from Klamath Lake is considered by scientists as the most complete food supplement that can exist


The Klamath algae, or Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (AFA) Latin for "invisible flower water life" is an edible blue-green algae.


Considered the first food responsible for preparing our atmosphere to reject oxygen, American professor Daryl Kollman said that algae produce 500 billion tons of annual food and 90% of the oxygen we breathe.

AFA grows in a particular habitat in the Klamath Lake in Oregon, USA, considered the largest reserve of fresh water. The Lake is 1262m above sea level and is protected southwards by Mount Shasta. This Lake receives unique sunshine and is fed by underground rivers and tributaries. Lake Klamath contains a particularly mineral-rich water that is extremely pure. The purity of the water is due to the 17 waterfalls that flow into the lake and completely renew it four times a year. The capacity of the AFA algae to fix atmospheric nitrogen, allows its exceptional growth. The AFA has been sold for over 30 years as a single dietary supplement for health.


The harvest is from June to November when the algae bloom, some studies of the lake at this time contain more than 7000 tons of AFA. The reproductive cycle is as surprising as it is in just one day. To avoid oxidation harvesting is done by a special process called bioactive dehydration, ensuring all conservation properties of seaweed. It is then subjected to rigorous testing of Microbiology, a certificate of purity to ensure the quality of the dried seaweed fresh seaweed is then issued.


Proteins make up 10 to 30% of the mass of our cells, they have a variety of functions and main structural role. Amino acids, the basic units of proteins are essential for the skin, bones, muscles, blood, organs, hair, nails, teeth ...etc.
They are involved in the formation of enzymes, antibodies, hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain.


Protein levels are as high as 55 to 70% in the AFA. We have all the essential amino acids in an almost perfect balance for the human body. Added to those, the semi-essential amino acids and non-essential, but also the basic structure of DNA and RNA, peptides remedial neuropeptides of nerve cells and the protein essential in the fight against free radicals: the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD)


Polysaccharides are complex carbohydrates formed by a combination of simple sugars.

Those contained in the AFA: mannose

·        Rhamnose
·        Ribose
·        Galactose
·        Glucose
·        Fucose
·        Xylose
·        Arabinose

The structural polysaccharides are the plant cell wall and are essential to the proper functioning of our intestines.
Carbohydrates play an important role in the removal of heavy metals in our body and strengthen the immune system.


They are made up of  95% fatty acids (triglycerides) and 5% other elements (cholesterol, complex lipids, certain hormones and vitamins A, D, E and K). Fatty acids are a growth factor (60% of material brain), an energy source for the heart, have an important role in the prevention of arteriosclerosis, provide our cells elasticity and optimum functionality, and play a vital role in the quality of all our tissues.

Remember that the more unsaturated fatty acid is more beneficial it is for us. Unsaturated poly are essential to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems. And they have great anti inflammatory capacity while stabilizing cholesterol. Our system knows synthesize but two omega 6 and omega 3.

The role of Omega 3: preventive against all cardiovascular diseases, immunosuppressant, arthritis, mental problems, many forms of cancer (breast, prostate, pancreas, colon) Struggle against cholesterol, platelet aggregation, some neuropathies associated with diabetes.

Daily intake required: 8 to 11g linoleic acid (omega 6) 0.8g à1.1g alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3)

But 55% of the fatty acids are unsaturated AFA. The exceptionally high level of linoleic acid per 1 g dry AFA is 3.1mg and 12mg of alpha linolenic acid, those who made a vital source of high quality lipids without modification.


It is thanks to these vitamins that our cells use other nutrients, essential are all contained in the AFA, even missing B12 for vegans.

Vitamins contained in 1 g dry AFA:

·        Provitamin A (beta-carotene) 2400 ER
·        B 1 Thiamine 4.8 mg
·        B2 Riboflavin 57.3 mg
·        Niacin B3 or PP 133.3 mg
·        B5 A. 0.1 mcg Pantothenic
·        B6 Pyrodoxine 11.1 mg
·        B8 H or Biotin 0.3 mcg
·        B9 A. 1.0 mg folic
·        Cobalamin B12 8.0 mcg
·        C A. 666.7 mg ascorbic
·        E Tocopherol 0.1 IU
·        J Choline 2.3 mg

IU: International Units / ER: Retinol Equivalent


Our bodies needs 7 minerals in moderate amounts and 12 in smaller amounts called Micronutrients
Minerals are combined with other nutrients to ensure the proper functioning of the body. Currently pesticides and irradiation of fruits and vegetables deplete the content of minerals and vitamins, more minerals, treated water or bottled water is no longer useful to the body as it has lost its ionization.
Trace elements, catalysts cellular metabolism, are essential for the functioning of the body. In AFA, vitamins and minerals in perfect balance make it an ideal nutritional supplement for our health.

The trace elements present in 1 g dry AFA:

·        Boron 40.0 mcg iodine l.ig 0.5
·        Chlorine 464.0 mg, 32.0 mg Manganese
·        0.5 mcg chromium, 3.3 mcg Molybdenum
·        Cobalt 2.0 mg, 5.3 mg Nickel
·        4.0 gg Copper, Selenium 0.7 mcg
·        Tin 0.5 mg, 186.7 mg Silica
·        Iron 350.7 mg, 23.3 Titanium lig
·        Fluor 38.0 mcg Vanadium 2.7 l.ig
·        Germanium 0.3 mg, 18.0 mg Zinc

The Mineral Salts:

Calcium (Ca) 14 mg
Hardness of bones and teeth, membrane permeability, transmission of nerve impulses.
Muscle contraction, regulation of heart rate, blood clotting, activation of certain enzymes and prevention of hypertension.

Magnesium (Mg) 2.2 mg
Necessary for muscle and nerve appropriate response.
Promotes the absorption of calcium by the bones.
Involved in many biological functions.

Phosphorus (P) 5.1 mg
Component of bones and teeth.
Important for the storage and transfer of energy, the activity
muscle and nerve and cell permeability.

Potassium (K +) 12 mg
Contributes to the maintenance of the intracellular osmotic pressure.
Essential to the propagation and transmission of nerve impulses, the contraction
muscle contraction, muscle glycogenesis in gluconeogenesis and
protein synthesis.

Sodium (Na +) 2.7 mg
Maintains the extracellular osmotic pressure.
Contributes to acid-base balance of the blood.
Essential for neuromuscular function.
Ensure the transport of glucose and other nutrients.


·        His great wealth unmatched nutritional
·        Its structural strength that prevents it from being genetically modified, its radiation resistance (100 times more than any other product)
·        His connection with all other forms of life through:the cell membrane close to that of the human being
·        Its identical to the cellular structure of bacteria
·        Its photosynthetic capacity as plant chlorophyll
·        The fundamental vibration primal life bovis to 190,000 units due to its environment already very special life telluric level. This is one of the first organisms appeared on earth.

COMPARISON WITH AFA CHLORELLA AND SPIRULINA (based on scientific studies of Professor Daryl Kollman)

In detoxification, the AFA does the same job as Chlorella but with a dose 10 times smaller. In addition, AFA seeks heavy metals in 95% of the body, directly in organs and tissues, even the brain. Chlorella acts only in the intestine.

Compared with Spirulina PH 8.3 to 10, the AFA has a neutral PH equal to our blood PH

·        Polyunsaturated fatty acids are almost nonexistent in Spirulina with a significant amount of saturated fatty acids, which is not the case of the AFA
·        Higher vitamin content for AFA: 3600mcg / g against 980mcg / g Spirulina
·        Mineral content: 23 AFA against 10 Spirulina
·        AFA contains a lot of iron and the elements necessary for its assimilation as Vitamin C and molybdenum. While Spirulina does not contain Vitamin C

In conclusion, according to the studies of sensitive crystallization Laboratory Biophysis in 1995 comparing quality, vitality and availability, AFA is well above Spirulina and Chlorella.
The AFA has been approved in France since 20/09/2007 and  is also approved as a product that is extremely high in nutritional properties and health benefits.
Other studies, conducted since 1990 demonstrate the effectiveness of viral diseases, chronic fatigue, depression disorders, inflammatory diseases and fibromyalgia.


·        Omega 3 essential fatty acids exceptional amount
·        Stimulating the mobilization and migration of immune cells and macrophage activity
·        Inhibition of the enzyme responsible for the inflammation and pain
·        Stimulation of brain function, improved mood
·        Optimizing the regeneration of the body
·        Fight against disruption due to pollution (electromagnetic, chemical and emotional), and against aging
·        Studies carried out:1989 Professor Fukino shows that AFA plays a protective role against kidney toxicity of heavy metals, 1984 Pore biologist confirms that the polysaccharides of AFA promote attachment and removal of pesticides in the intestines, 1998 Scientific Vadiraja demonstrates the essential role of chlorophyll and phycocyanin (pigments abundant in AFA) in the chelation Dr. Klinghart had spectacular results with AFA in his famous detoxification process.


·        Cardiovascular protection with antioxidants (chlorophyll phycocianine, carotene), its outstanding content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (studies neurophysiologist Christian Drapeau in 2000), and Omega 3 in abundance

·        Anti Bacterial Protection: Studies Professor Ostenwik 1998 bacteria
·        Stimulation of the immune system, stimulates the migration of NK cells, studies by the National Cancer Institute in 1985 on the cancer research on dietary factors, concluding that the FAA allows our body to develop immune-stimulating substances that cause destruction cancer cells before they multiply and form a tumor.
·        In January 2000 Professor Jensen made an experiment on human volunteers who consummated 1.5g of AFA, it has been observed in the two hours that followed, the migration of 40% of NK cells, NK-eating infected or cancerous cells out blood flow to thereby increase the immune surveillance in tissues. This process is accentuated course with regular consumption of AFA, but has never been observed with any other food or natural substance Clean polysaccharide AFA is responsible for this immune stimulation and migration of natural killer cells in tissue to destroy abnormal cells.
·        Fight against inflammation: thanks to its exceptionally high level of Omega 3 essential fatty acids including linolenic (12mg / g) and a blue pigment Phycocyanin component 15% of the dry weight of the AFA.
Effects of morning stiffness, joint pain, skin problems, rheumatoid arthritis were found by Professor Sperling 1987.en in restoring a oméga6/oméga3 ratio to 4, whereas with modern food is often higher 6 and therefore largely responsible for inflammatory diseases of all kinds such as those mentioned above so.After 30 years of use, it was found that the effectiveness of the AFA for inflammation without side effects
·        Fight against free radicals: The causes are many cellular oxidation, chronic inflammation, disease, pollution of all kinds including electromagnetic, tobacco, drugs, x-ray and gamma, wifi, emotion, stress, acid-base imbalance ... system, causing premature aging and genetic aberrations. With its specific and potent antioxidants, chlorophyll, phycocyanin, various carotenoids, the enzyme superoxide dismutase and acting elements such as synergy vitamine C, E, copper, selenium, zinc .... AFA will help effectively combat oxidation.
·        Effects on the nervous system: Increased mental faculties, improved mood, antidepressant, increased energy, thanks to the concentration of a neuromodulator: The phenylethylamine or PEA 2mg / g of AFA. But the AFA also has two precursors of PEA: phenylalanine and tyrosine, in addition to a large number of essential nutrients to help and restore the nervous system and the brain
·        Improved cognitive abilities: According to studies, the normalized modulation of the electroencephalogram for people with brain abnormalities, even after a few minutes of use.
·        Stimulates brain activity and some active regeneration process. Professor Jensen in 2001 showed that only 10 minutes after taking the AFA, there is improvement in concentration and intellectual capacity
·        Acts on attention deficit disorder: In 1992 Professor Karl J. Abrams after study demonstrates beneficial effects on improving the academic performance of 1482 children from 64 to 81% after consumption of AFA 1g per day over a year of use. Causing a change in behavior: more concentration, more attention, less anxiety, less depression and aggression.
·        Improved mood: PEA is recognized as one molecule of joy
·        Fights Depression: According to studies, 10mg/day PEA helped reduce symptoms of depression in 60% of patients with no side effects and no weight gain
·        Applies to the states of dependency: With the PEA helps physical and mental detoxification cessation tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
·        Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease: In 1985 Dr. Gabriel Cousens evidenced in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medical Society, the qualities of improving brain function AFA his patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
·        Cases of improvement in patients with Parkinson's disease were also documented through the chelating effects of the AFA and its actions. migration of stem cells.

Stem cells:

Stem cells have the capacity to reproduce and become any specific type of cello in any organ or tissue of the body. These stem cells are key in the case of failure or needed repair to achieve the healing of tissues or organs in which they are introduced. In 2001 the studies of Professor Goodell bore successfully on their repair and regenerative effects of the heart with an almost full recovery after a month. Previously in 1995 and 1999, he demonstrated that stem cells from bone marrow could access the adult brain and assume the characteristics of neurons in the central nervous system, thus was born the theory of Professors Jensen and Flag, "healing, regeneration and repair by stem cells ". By this theory, stem cells from bone marrow provide any regeneration, healing of damaged organs and tissues in all our lives. After many years of research, it has been shown that AFA had two active compounds: L-selectin and a polysaccharide that would promote the release of stem cells and migrate them to the tissues with a consumption of 5g p / day of AFA.

All this information is from the book of Anne Marie Pietri "The most complete food on the planet Blue Green Algae AFA " Published Lanore.

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"The Aristotelia Chilensis Plant" - "The Maqui Berry" - "A Very Powerful SuperFruit"

The Aristotelia Chilensis is a plant that produces beautiful small purple berries called Maqui. It is know as the slimming plant ‘par excellence’!

It is a powerful antioxidant, traditionally used by the Mapuche Indians. The Mapuche people call it the plant of strength and endurance.

These pretty little berries are native to Chile and Patagonia, one of the most fertile soils and the purest lands in the world:

 "From the southernmost of South America, where the veins of the earth are washed with pure water part frigid and men's blood is warmed by the poetry of the scenery breathtaking. "

The Mapuche Indians traditionally use Aristotelia Chilensis to treat a variety of ailments. According to legend, each plant Maqui is inhabited by a protective guardian spirit, which give all his healing powers.

The Maqui berries are packed with tiny seeds and are therefore preferable to be eaten in powder form. The tiny superberries are lyophilized into a very concentrated powder that preserves all of its properties intact due to the fact that the fruits are not heated but dried by freezing.

Our Maqui powder contains no artificial additives neither any addition of products such as Maltidextrose or rice flour in oder to lower the cost of the Maqui! We do not believe in selling a product that reduces the efficiency of the plant’s berry just to be more competitive without delivering the intended results.

This is an exceptional plant, by far superior to the acai, mangosteen or spirulina to 27,600 ORAC antioxidant rate. This propels Aristotelia Chilensis among the top antioxidant plants in the world.
Its properties:

* Powerful Antioxidant
* Anti inflammatory (muscles, tendons)
* Strengthens the immune system
* Protective cells against oxidative stress
* Helps digestion
* Regulates the cardiovascular system
* Promotes mental clarity
* Very energy
* Helps éliminerles toxins and chemicals
* Stimulates strength and endurance
* Strengthens bones and joints
* Protects from sun damage
* Decreases cal cancer and diabetes
* Astringent
* Antispasmodic
* Healing
* Analgesic
* Febrifuge
* Protects LDL from oxidation

Aid weight loss, surprisingly thanks to its detoxifying effects. Studies in the University of Texas at Austin on 500 people showed its effectiveness in weight loss achieved quickly and sustainably especially beyond 6 months.

Its composition 100g:

  • Vitamin C 581mg
  • 120IU Vitamin A
  • calcium 160mg
  • iron 4.01mg
  • sodium 8.2mg
  • 23.1g fiber
  • potassium
  • Hydrate 72mg carbon

It is advisable to take one teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach in a glass of water and a spoon  before each meal for a slimming effect.
"Produced from organic farming" certified by ECOCERT FR-BIO-01 - "Teasources Europe"


La plante minceur par excellence. L’aide idéale pour notre ligne. Jolies petites baies du Chili, ressemblant à les myrtilles mais non consommables séchées car pleines de graines. C’est un puissant anti oxydant, traditionnellement consommée par les indiens Mapuches. La plante de la force et de l’endurance.
Vendue en poudre de fruit lyophilisée donc très concentrée et aux propriétés conservées intactes car non soumis à haute température.

Petites baies pourpres originaire du Chili et de Patagonie, une des terres les plus fertiles de la planète et la plus pure: "De la partie la plus australe de l'Amérique du sud, où les veines de la terre sont lavées par des eaux pures glaciales et où le sang des hommes est réchauffé par la poésie des paysages à vous couper le souffle." Les indiens Mapuche la consomment traditionnellement pour traiter une grande variété de maux. Selon la légende, chaque plante de Maqui serait habitée par un esprit gardien protecteur, qui lui donnerait tous ses pouvoirs guérisseurs.

La baie de Maqui, pleine de petites graines n'est pas très agréable à consommer séchée. Pour ne pas altérer ses propriétés, elle est lyophilisée à froid et non écrasée, ou montée en température, elle est donc beaucoup plus concentrée et bien plus active. Notre poudre de Maqui ne contient aucune adjonction de produit quelconque souvent utilisé pour des intérets économiques comme le maltodextrose ou la farine de riz, au détriment de l'efficacité de la plante et pour avoir des prix plus bas et plus attractifs mais sans résultat probant...!

C'est une plante exceptionnelle par son taux ORAC 27600, taux d'antioxydant bien supérieur à l'açai,au mangoustan ou encore à la spiruline. Cela la propulse parmi les premières plantes antioxydantes.

Ses Propriétés:

*Antioxydante puissante
*Anti inflammatoire (muscles, tendons)
*Renforce le système immunitaire
*Protectrice des cellules contre le stress oxydatif
*Aide à la digestion
*Régule le système cardiovasculaire
*Favorise la clarté mentale
*Très énergétique
*Aide à éliminerles toxines et les produits chimiques
*Stimule la force et l'endurance
*Renforce les os et les articulations
*Protège des méfaits du soleil
*Diminue les riques de cancer et de diabète
*Protège le cholestérol LDL de l'oxydation

Aide a la perte de poids de façon surprenante gràce à ses effets détoxinants. 

Des études faites au Texas à l'université d'Austin sur 500 personnes, ont montré son efficacité sur la perte de poids obtenue plus rapidement et surtout durablement au-delà de 6mois.

Sa composition au 100g:

  • Vitamine C 581mg
  • Vitamine A 120IU
  • Calcium 160mg
  • Fer 4.01mg
  • Sodium 8.2mg
  • Fibres 23.1g
  • Potassium
  • Hydrate de carbone 72mg

Il est conseillé de prendre une cuillère à café le matin à jeun dans un verre d'eau et pour un effet amincissant plus prononcé une cuillère avant chaque repas.

"Produit issu de l'agriculture biologique" certifié par ECOCERT FR-BIO-01 – Teasources Europe