Monday, July 1, 2013

Paradise SuperFoods Are Nearly Up And Running

So I have mentioned many times about a brand called Paradise Superfoods that I have been working on along with some of my friends in Paris & in America. It is nearly up and running people! Please keep those eyes peeled and those eyes wrenched back. We will soon be hitting the international market suppling the highest quality organic and conventional superfoods at the most competitive price! How? I hear you saying. Well we source directly from family farms all over the world. More that that, we have become part of their family over the years and are able to cut out all middle men, agents, commissions and so-called fair trade in order to give the maximum back to the small family farms and deliver and unbeatable price! We are already selling in bulk to 78% of the european organic superfood market and so we know our stuff. Our client sell to you! This is why we have decided to cut out the middle men and their margins and sell at the correct and valid price! So soon to be enjoyed from your sofa! Watch out for this logo soon people!

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