Friday, October 3, 2014

Organic Moustache Wax

Organic Moustache Wax

Growing trend in beards and moustaches has opened up the market of mens grooming products introducing over 200 worldwide brands for beard oils and moustache waxes not to mention the products and accessoires around the trend. I have had a beard and a moustache pretty much all my life and am passionate about organics. I have always been fed up of seeing pertrolium based products which are in fact not at all good for facial hair or any hair generally. I started out making my own products so that I personally could be satisfied by a good holding product that nourishes my facial hair at the same time. All of my ingredients are 100% natural and organic. All of our products are sourced from the four corners of the globe and delicately had made and packed in my office 'The Jungle'. motto in business and in my life is 'To Spread The Love' so I soon started making #thejunglerockersorganictashwax for friends and colleagues. Today I continue to 'spread the love' but on an international scale selling my products and ever growing organic range all over the world. 

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