Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Introduction To Me & My Blog

So before I start writing about what flicks my switch I should probably give you a brief intro to my Blog. Well to begin, im TheJungleRocker and you will be able to find we on the web by simply typing in my name into the search menu.

I have lived my life in a very multicultural way and have travel and lived with many cultures since I have been born. Myself, I am a mixed blooded hybrid and classify myself as a world citizen with Rastaferian and Buddhist beliefs.

I am half normal half geek and am pround to stand up for my principles. My life journey & aim is to spread the love with each person I exchange with. One life, one heart, one love.

Music has kept me alive over these many years as well as my beliefs, experiences and of course good orgainc food! I love capturing moments, travelling,eating good food, music, sharing and above all my furry friend Buddy aka "The Dude".

I am an organic activist & am up to speed with government BS too. I am also considered as "The SuperFruit Guy" as I am specilised in all types of Organic SuperFruits. I work together with "Teasources Europe" to grow Paradise all over the world and share this paradise with fellow citizens and brethren.

Well enough about me if you want to know more you will find me!

A bit about "Teasources Europe"

Sourcing the world’s finest superfoods, raw foods and berries from the four corners of the earth.

We aim to provide the highest quality natural products and health supplements.

We are Teasources Europe - We believe in a Green and Organic Lifestyle - We believe in the value of True Foods.

Our Foods are carefully seeked out through our sourcing departement, who travel themselves around the world to hunt down the best sources. Each plantation that we work with is part of our family and we help them Grow Paradise.

Our Brand Building Unit make our packaging as taste tingerling as the fruits themselves! We are able to create new Brands/Packaging & we do Private Label too!

Our consultants are happy to help you through a clear cut distribution strategy and our Community Manager is always there 24/7 if you need any additional information about our products or our way of life!

"The Teasource Team" - "The SuperFruit People"

Yours Digitally,

TheJungleRocker - TJR

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