Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Teasources Europe" - "The SuperFruit People"

So I my last post I briefly talked about my passion for organic foods and superfoods. I am a strong believer that if our body is treated like a temple in which all that we put in must be sacred we would be in a healthier world today. So in todays post I want to talk about some of the superfoods I deal with and how to get hold of them internationally!

Let me start with a list of the type of superfoods I will be dealing with:

So as you can see we are looking at dried organic SuperFruits and SuperFruit powders. These fruits are sourced from the four corners of the world by my friends at "Teasources Europe". I have been working on some permacluture projects with them and "Anthony Anderson" from "Grow Paradise". We did some travelling to Mongolia and Colombia in order to find the higest quality and organic Goji Berries, Physalis, Mango, Pitaya, Baby Banana, Maca, Acai and Maqui!
We brought back some amazing samples and they just took off! Since then "Teasources Europe" has been selling internationally and has 75% of the French Organic SuperFruit Market. Very pround of my friends as you can see!
So today "Teasources Europe", , are wholesale sellers and are currently working on their own private label for later this year. Not going to give away the name yet dudes but watch out for "Teasources Europe" new SuperFruits they are going to get those tastebuds tingerling!

Over and out for now, will be back very soon with some nutritional details about this Organic Raw Dried SuperFruits!


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